Jan 31, 2017

I can vividly remember not knowing if I would wake up the next day. My dad would ask me what I needed during a seizure and I would just ask him to pray. I kept having an overwhelming feeling of God’s presence – even in the hospital, on an almost unconscious level, I could feel God creeping in.

Since I was a baby I’ve had liver problems, which has led to many health needs throughout my life, and over the past year I’ve dealt with very serious seizures. My body was going through incredible pain, but the pain medication wasn’t working and the doctors couldn’t figure out the answer.

After a long year and countless appointments, I now know that the prognosis is likely due to a genetic blood disorder and several abdominal surgeries. The combination of these conditions was a perfect storm, creating neurological repercussions that threw my whole body out of whack and caused my seizures. Now, everyday is touch and go. I’m still not sure what might spark another seizure, but I’m figuring out the triggers. All my life I’ve been very independent, so not having it all together physically has been incredibly frustrating.

I learned that in this lack of control over my health, I could build an unshakeable foundation, grounded in something bigger than me. Knowing that God is in control is something that really got me through all of this. It has changed my world.

I was raised always knowing about Jesus, knowing that it was important to have him in my life. But over the past year, that belief has really become my own. I stopped just going through the motions and instead pursued this faith because I felt the meaning, I felt my relationship with Jesus moving forward. Now it’s less generic, and it’s more genuine – it’s based on my personal experiences.

I’m inspired all the time in this community at Hill City surrounded by people so confident in their faith. They are contagious people, they’re good for the soul. They have a touch of whimsy in their life and their happiness isn’t grounded in material. It’s where I get my energy. I wake up excited to come here, to be around people who know God.

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