Jan 31, 2017

“I grew up going to church and loved it until my early thirties. I had a really bad experience in church that ended up splitting my whole family on Sunday mornings. After 30 years of worshiping together, all the people I loved were spread apart. I still wanted to hear God’s message and I still wanted church, but without the people.”

Everyone’s story is important and here at Hill City we want to celebrate people, where they’ve come from, and what they’ve been through. This is Kacy’s story.

“I’m a Family Service Worker at the Virginia Preschool Initiative program with Richmond Public Schools where I also manage social media. I met Chara because her daughter, Lucy, was a student in our program and we started following each other on Facebook. I saw several things in her feed about Hill City that I’d also seen posted and shared randomly by other friends.

Right before Easter I happened to run into Chara in the parking lot of A.C. Moore. She was so sweet and personable and we got to talking. I asked her about Hill City and her eyes lit up – then she boldly invited me to come check it out.

I decided to give Hill City a shot because I felt called to. But my only intention was to keep my word to Chara that I’d try it out, and then never come back. My mindset at this point in my life was that I didn’t want to belong to a church, I just wanted to connect with God.

When I walked into Hill City that first time, it was crazy. I was immediately met at the door by Kevin McGeorge who gave me the biggest hug and I thought to myself “Do I know this man?” I couldn’t believe how loving and warm he was. Then I got inside to the auditorium. My coping mechanism for being in church was to be on my phone, making no eye contact. So when two minutes to talk began, I planned to retreat to my phone. But before I could, someone came down from the band on stage to talk to me. The whole time I was thinking “What is this? Why are these people so nice?”

I immediately thought there must be an ulterior motive and after my experience in the service ended I thought, “I have to come back. This can’t be that genuine.” So, I came back – to prove to myself that this community wasn’t actually as loving as it seemed and as I felt that first Sunday. But it turned out, it was that genuine and real and I just ended up finding a group of people who loved Jesus and were excited about sharing that. My whole mindset was changed and I was suddenly excited about sharing Jesus too.

I was still new to Hill City, still trying to figure it out when John mentioned 21 Days of Prayer. I was so excited because I am a prayer geek – I LOVE to pray! It’s a time to tell God what’s on my heart, to intercede on behalf of my friends, family and the world. It’s also a time to hear from God. Praying together with people who were purposeful about spending time in prayer with Him made me love Hill City and the people that much more. I was hooked.

Now I get messages all the time from people asking me what the heck Hill City is and I can tell them that it’s truly a safe place to figure it all out. Being here at Hill City over the past year, I’ve felt my heart heal in so many ways. God has truly healed me and taken me in through this community.”

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