Josh Alloway

Community Life

Favorite Book

Scary Close by Donald Miller

Favorite Movie

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Last meal on Earth

3 stages… 1) Pork Pibil Nachos from En Su Boca with a Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin. 2) Morton’s Peppercorn Ribeye with Cheesy Mash Potatoes. 3) Gelati Celesti’s Just Ask Ice Cream for Dessert

Disney Spirit Character:

Genie from Aladdin

A little more about Josh:

Josh landed in Richmond, VA in 2002 with his mom, dad and seven siblings (yes, seven). Josh loves the Anne of Green Gables movie collection and board games, possible due to his homeschooled upbringing. On a rainy day, he’d love to watch a good documentary, read a non-fiction book, or pretend to be Bob Dylan on his guitar and harmonica. Josh Graduated from VCU in 2010 with a degree in Finance. Go Rams! In July 2016, he married his best friend and Netflix binging partner, KK. Josh grew up in church. “Our family was the kind that you hear about reading the Bible every morning together before school. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be in ministry.” His Grandma has stories of him at 5 putting on a tie, creating a makeshift podium, grabbing the largest Bible in the house and preaching to her about Noah’s Ark. “Despite my upbringing and amazing parents, Hill City has been the first place I’ve felt I can fully be myself. Never have I felt so loved for being who I am. I think that’s the way Jesus loves me, and how we should love others.”

To learn more about Josh, read his story here.

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