Small Groups

Growing in your faith doesn’t happen by accident and isn’t meant to be done alone. Small groups provide the best opportunity to explore how to apply what you are learning, find community and take a next step in your faith.

25 Small Groups are now in session.

To join a group today, select one of our mid-semester options listed below.

For other ways to get connected, attend The NEXT Experience, starting November 5th, or email

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One of our main goals as a church is to reach as many people as possible for Jesus in Richmond. However, we understand that even with our desire to grow larger and extend our reach, we have to invest smaller at the same time so that real, authentic community can take place. We are a church made up OF small groups, not just a church WITH small groups.

For any questions, please contact our Director of Community Life, Josh Alloway, at We can’t wait to get you connected to a great group of people!