Summer at Hill City

May 23, 2017

Join us this summer to meet some new Hill City folks and enjoy great Richmond events. When you arrive, just look for a group in Hill City t-shirts!


Hardywood Food Trucks: July 27th @ Hardywood Brewery /  Meet us there @ 7PM!

Dinner Parties: Sign-ups start July 23rd @ Hill City / For the month of August, we’ll be having 10 person Dinner Parties hosted throughout the city of Richmond! These dinners are a great way to get to know others at Hill City. Sign up here

Flying Squirrels Game Opener: August 10th @ The Diamond (Flying Squirrels Stadium) / Hill City’s worship band will play for the opener, time TBD.

21 Days of Prayer: August 20th-Sept 9th @ Hill City


Couples Date Nights: planned by the Relationship Foundation

June 29th

July 20th

July 27th

August 24th

Summer Movies



H.A.G.S. 2017 #haveagreatsummer

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