Jan 31, 2017

I had dabbled in God stuff, I’d done some Google searches. But I hadn’t really touched a Bible before… So I started to read it a little bit. What really caught my eye was this hope that He relentlessly gives us and I clung on to that. That’s what really helped me get out of this hole.

Everyone’s story is important and here at Hill City we want to celebrate people, where they’ve come from, and what they’ve been through. This is Syndal’s story.

Two years ago I suffered from a brain injury due to repetitive concussions while playing soccer. I lost a lot of strength in my body and couldn’t be active like I’d been before. I had to go through intense physical therapy and ended up having to take a break from school. A few relationships were affected because of the things I could no longer do or partake in. I dealt with a lot of self-doubt and depression and there was a big shift in my life. After going through this, I met with Maria [Maria Le] for lunch and just spilled everything to her. We ended up having a really raw conversation and I got super emotional. As we talked, she uplifted me like no one else had. My friends and family had been amazing through it all, but Maria really instilled in me that everything was going to be ok. She kept telling me that God had this intricate plan for me, and for the first time I felt like it was true. This was a huge moment for me.

Then Maria introduced me to Hill City and asked me to just come try it out. So I did. And it was unreal. I had never had that comfort level, acceptance level in church before. And I felt more connected to Hill City than any other church I’d ever been in. So I took the Starting Point class and loved it. It was really encouraging that other people had questions too, that there were other people in church of different ages that were just trying to figure out their faith too. Now I’m building a knowledge base, I read the bible and it’s all starting to click more. God doesn’t want you to try to be perfect or have it all together, He loves you already. I have conversations with Him now and it’s becoming a solidified thing. There’s someone there, there’s a connection to the name. It’s just such a real thing. This has been a huge determining factor in my happiness.

I had been thinking about getting baptized. Growing up, my mom had always said it was my decision, she wanted me to make that choice. And I’ve always wanted to, I’d just i just never had an inclination to until coming to Hill City. So I told John I wanted to get baptized here [at Hill City] and he said he’d be honored to. He even emailed me that week and invited me over to their home to meet with him and Lacy. I was like, ‘What? What if I’m crazy?” They were just so real and kind. They are the best people I’ve ever met.

I still feel like I’m not at a level where a lot of people are in church. I’m just not there yet, but I want to be there. I’m still yearning for it. And I think baptism for me was that first big step into getting there. It’s all happened so authentically and Hill City has allowed me to create a relationship with God like I’ve never had, never knew I could have. ‪#‎hillcitystories‬

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