You Are Gifted

Hosted by Matt Fisher

42 days

We all experience times of insecurities. It is our hope that this reading plan inspires you to see yourself a little more as God sees you.

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Habit of Happiness by Rick Warren

Hosted by Natalie Tyer

37 days

Join Pastor Rick Warren as he walks through Philippians, and discover daily habits that will make you a happy person.

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Multiply by Francis Chan & David Platt

Hosted by Corey Goss

168 days

This daily bible-reading plan is designed as a companion for those using the disciple making material, Multiply. Multiply equips Christians to make new disciples… just like Jesus told us to. As you read the selected daily passages of Scripture along with the Multiply Material we hope you will know Jesus Christ more fully as you make disciples.

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Love God Greatly – Book of Esther

Hosted by Lauryn Galloway

54 days

Love God Greatly is an online community of women which exists to inspire, encourage and equip women all over the world to get into God’s Word on a daily basis through our eight week Monday-Friday Bible reading plans. Each day you can join our online community by participating in our Monday-Wednesday-Friday corresponding blog posts at

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Tim Keller studies on Books of the Bible, Making sense of God, and Prayer

Hosted by Lacy Wagler

60 days in total

We’re kicking things off with the Book of Galations! The book of Galatians is dynamite; an explosion of joy and freedom. Why? Because it brings us face to face with the gospel. In this plan, best-selling author Dr. Timothy Keller takes you through Galatians 1 – 2 v 10. 

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Altar Ego

Hosted by Sara Bendele

35 days

If you have ever felt insecure, inadequate, or insufficient, then this 35-day reading plan is for you. Instead of living with an outward-driven ego, this plan will help you gain an Altar Ego that is focused more inward. Each day, you will read scriptures and a short devotional that will enable you to begin transforming your ego by laying down your worldly self-image and replacing it with God’s view of you. You are not yet who you are supposed to be, but you can begin the process today of growing into who you are supposed to be in God’s eyes.

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From this Day Forward

Hosted by Joe and Laura Miller

33 days

Tired of watching marriages crumble? Fed up with couples giving up? Would you like to guarantee that your marriage will last? This reading plan will help you do just that by showing you five things from God’s Word that every marriage needs to do in order to last from this day forward. Read this plan with your spouse and be intentional in engaging in the discussions, Bible readings, prayers, and activities as a couple each day.

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Hillsong: 40 Days of Revival

Hosted by Dorrall Price

40 days

This 40 day devotional is an entry-point for learning about our God and growing in our relationship with Him through the study of revival. We explore the attributes common to history’s greatest revivals – being present, prayer, purity, power, personal sacrifice and praise – with hearts open to what they might teach us about God and our relationship with Him. Knowing God and His ways is the goal and the prize.

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The Bible Project: Gospels

Hosted by Maddy Phan

90 days

This plan takes you on a journey through all four Gospels in ninety days. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with God’s Word.

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Fight Devotional for Men  /  #WISDOM

Hosted by John Wagler

42 days in total

Fight: Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps men uncover who they really are—a powerful man with a warrior heart. This 11-day plan examines the life of Samson—a strong man with glaring weaknesses. Fight to become who God made you to be. Don’t just fight like a man. Fight like a man of God.

#WISDOM: From Google, Facebook groups, and DIY blogs, our world is full of self-help resources. In the midst of all the advice, how do we decide who to trust? Thankfully, the Bible offers us practical advice in the Book of Proverbs. Over the next 31 days, take a journey with us through this book of practical wisdom.

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The Heart of Paul’s Theology: Corinthians and Thessalonians

Hosted by Chara Robinson

29 days

This reading plan investigates the background to Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, examines the structure and content of First and Second Thessalonians, and reveals his eschatology. Part 2 explores the background to Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, examines the structure and content of First and Second Corinthians, and reveals his eschatology.

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