When Hill City was just a dream that God put on our hearts, there was a key value that was a deal breaker for us: we didn't want to start a church without radical generosity at the center of it.

Throughout 2020 and even into the first part of 2021, this value has been tested to see if this is really something we are as a church or not. In what has been an incredibly trying year for so many reasons, the generosity of our Hill City community shone through. There were plenty of reasons that people could have pulled back and disengaged, but they didn't — and the fruit of our community's generosity is a testament to that. The list of stories is far too great to mention here and the ripple of impact will be felt for years to come.

We set a challenge to make God's name known during this pandemic and you guys have responded with such excitement to make a difference in the lives of individuals and organizations all throughout this city. On behalf of the rest of the leadership team, thank for your consistency, your commitment and your heart to endear Hill City to Richmond and for making Jesus the center of this community.

We love you guys!
Wags & Lacy

Orgs we supported in 2020:

  • Alinea Church
  • ARC
  • Arrabon
  • Bible Project
  • Blessing Warriors RVA
  • Camp Hope
  • Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender
  • CHAT
  • Circles RVA
  • CRU
  • EcoFlats Recovery House
  • Elijah House Academy
  • Extramile Pediatrics
  • Faith Covenant Christian Church
  • FCA
  • Feedmore
  • For Richmond
  • HaTikva Project
  • Initiatives of Change
  • Into the Neighborhood
  • JobsRVA
  • New Hope Peru
  • Night to Shine
  • Patty's Hope
  • Pregnancy Resource Center of Metro Richmond
  • Re-Establish Richmond
  • Richmond Justice Initiative
  • Richmond Urban Dance
  • Safe Harbor Shelter
  • Virginia's Kids Belong
  • World Relief
  • YoungLife
  • Youth Life Foundation of Richmond
  • Youth Challenge Hope
  • YWAM

Total money given away since 2014:


Our Share Offering in 2020 was the biggest yet, thanks to hundreds of generous people. Together, we raised $174,777 and got to give every penny away.

In addition, members of our community moved to establish the JCK Good Neighbor Samaritan Fund for 2020, which received over $90,000 in total contributions to give away to people in need and organizations that address those needs.

Needs like: Job Support, Counseling Support, Housing/Rent Assistance, Food Support, International Mission, and Foster Care Support.

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”

As care pastor of Hill City, it’s my job to field requests for assistance and walk alongside folks who are having a tough time. A hard part of that position is telling people “no”, sometimes being forced with tough choices (should we help this single mom with her ER bill or invest in a family of 4 living out of their car?), but because of your unprecedented and radical generosity this past year, our care ministry didn’t have to make those choices very often. We were able to love our neighbors with a Christ-like voracity that proclaimed “Heavenly Father...Your kingdom come, Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” —Matt Fisher, Care Pastor

38% Personnel, 12% Expansions & Reserves, 5% Facilities, 19% Missions & Giving, 26% Ministry

46% Personnel, 10% Facilities, 16% Missions & Giving, 28% Ministry

Discipleship program

Since 2020 was such a *unique* year in how we did church as a whole, one huge win we saw in people’s lives was their participation in our Discipleship Development Program (all done over Zoom! Who would’ve thought?). We saw a ton of development in people’s emotional health, prayer lives, relationships, and walks with Jesus— and groups were there for each other during a year where everything felt disconnected.

Discipleship Program Participants in 2020:

Exploring Track: 103

Building Track: 126

Aligning Track: 177

I can’t say enough about this [aligning] track. It was a perfect fit for me because I felt stuck for so long, and to be able to have these deeper conversations about the Bible, Christ, our relationships with God and with each other as well as our spirituality, was so impactful for my life…to be able to express the thoughts that I had for so long but didn’t have the outlet to talk about those things.” —Bryan Rogers, Aligning track

Thank You

for your continued generosity

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or want more information, please email joe@hillcityrva.com and he’ll help you out! Here’s to 2021!