Curious for more? Here’s what our visitors thought:

“I bumped into Wags [John Wagler, pastor] a few months back at a b-ball tournament he was playing in. As we talked, he was helpful to me. His advice wasn’t to join his church and what not, his advice was go to a church where I felt at home, where ever that may be. That sold me right there, he was out for what was best for me, not his church.

So I got a friend and we went today. As we walked up we heard laughing and happiness, which instantly made us happy. We probably shook 93.6 hands that day and were greeted with many smiles. We never had a chance to feel awkward or out of place, which was AMAZING!

All in all it was a first class experience. Everything was first class- from how perfectly straight the chairs where, to how neat the coffee table was, to the folded shirts and papers on the counter to the spotless carpets, right down to the training of the servers- everything was first class. I believe God’s house should be run like this.”


“On our way home my oldest daughter, Brenna, said “Mom we talked about being generous this morning. I’m going to fill up a bag of my Halloween candy when we get home and give it to my soccer coach.” I love that they not only heard a great word but understood how to apply it (in their childlike way)!
I have to honestly tell you that I have never seen Kids Ministry done so well. Everyone was so welcoming and made the kids feel right at home, while equipping the parents with ways to continue the lesson at home! We were in the same church for the 5 years that we lived in Virginia Beach … so our kids were really hesitant about going anywhere new. They have begged us throughout the week to just go back to Hill City! That means a ton.”


“I like the connective sermons each week and find the way that John delivers his message is so real and meaningful. I grew up in a church where the adults did not actively include the youth. Hill City seems to involve anyone who wishes to participate regardless of age. This is so refreshing!

I have visited now at least 3 times and each time have come away so filled with such a spiritual fullness, love and admiration for the purpose of this church.”