Spring 2021 Sign-ups coming in February!

For those brand new to faith or for the longtime Christian who wants to revisit the foundations and learn something new. For the ones who want to be able to better answer questions from those around them at work, school, or in their personal lives. For the ones who have always been “spiritual” but hesitant towards the church. This track is designed to help you answer big questions about God, the Bible, the church, why any of this matters and why you should care about it.


SESSION 1: Starting Point Class

SESSION 2: Bible 101

SESSION 3: Christianity 101



“This track really helped me grow my faith and build the foundations that I needed, and it gave me a community where we could watch each other all grow together.”

For the ones who want to articulate what they believe and why. For the ones want to be able to share the gospel confidently, who have had faith growing up but felt like it never matured. The ones who want a solid foundation in order to move forward and make their faith their own.


SESSION 1: Re-Union- Understanding and articulating the gospel

SESSION 2: Bible 201

SESSION 3: The Me I Want to Be

What People Have Said…


“I’ve been doing Bible studies for years now, but I’ve never had a bible study that specifically broke down how to read the Bible. That changed my life.”


For the ones who THINK they’re self-aware. The ones who want to align their internal core beliefs and convictions with their lifestyle and actions. Who want to have healthier relationships that better reflect Jesus. Who desire more emotional health in order to better feed their spiritual lives. If you know what you believe and why but you want to take some steps forward to align your internal and external life, this track is for you.


SESSION 1: Self Clarity

SESSION 2: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

SESSION 3: This is Me Project

What People Have Said…


“I couldn’t say enough about this track. I felt stuck for so long and to be able to have these deeper conversations was so impactful for my life, to be able to express the voice in my head that I’ve had for so long but didn’t have the outlet to talk about those things.”


For the ones who want to move from consuming to contributing, who want to concentrate on the bigger story outside of personal
growth, who want to learn to be leaders, move the mission of the church forward and make disciples: this one’s for you.


SESSION 1: Surprise the World: the 5 Habits of Highly Missional People

SESSION 2: Vocational Discipleship

SESSION 3: Leadership Development