Why are these 6 months long?

If we are really looking to grow in our faith and re-organize our lives around Jesus then that is going to take some time. It takes time to establish habits and discipline, it takes time to build up relational equity within a group, and it takes time to work though content in some deeper ways and really process it so that there is actual change in our lives. 


We picture faith like training for a marathon vs attending a PE class. Is a PE class here and there good for you? Of course, it gets you moving a little bit, but does it provide long term change or transform anything? Of course not. The mindset for training for a marathon is different though. You know that you need coaching, you need to follow a plan that helps to build up habits and endurance. You need people to train with you and encourage you. You know it will be hard, but worth it, and there will be true change that happens in you. Over the course of the 6 months we want you to experience true change and growth. We want you to have the time to work through content in deeper ways as well as build up relational equity with the people in your cohort. Is it a big commitment? Yep! 


Who is in the cohorts?

All the new friends you just haven’t met yet, that’s who! Ok but really, all of our cohorts are intentionally inter-generational because there is so much we have to learn from each other in all of the different ages and stages of life and there have been such beautiful relationships we have seen develop because of this. Most tracks are co-ed for that same reason, because its so great to learn from other voices and experiences. The Aligning track is the exception with those cohorts being same sex. In aligning there is a large focus on sharing our stories and working through some parts of our past so we have found that it’s just necessary sometimes for men to share with men and women to share with women. 


Why are these on zoom?

An unintended result of the pandemic is that we very quickly moved all of our tracks to being an online experience with videos and then zoom calls with your cohort each week. And in a plot twist that we didn’t see coming… we loved it! There have been so many cool things that have happened as a result of using zoom beyond just the fact that people were able to grow and build community in the midst of a pandemic. Zoom is an easy entry point for many people and its also really convenient to be able to sign in from wherever you are. It has allowed single moms to be a part and folks that travel for work. There has been so much consistency in attendance and we are grateful for this tool! Will they always be on zoom? Great question, and the answer is maybe or maybe not. As we build out our team of coaches we will be able to add in some in person options in the future, but for the most part we will stick with zoom as the primary way to meet each week. HOWEVER, we do know that in person is better and so each cohort will have different times where they get together to hang out and build connection outside of their calls or may choose to have a few of the classes in person. We are going to stay on zoom but also stay really flexible!


Where is the content coming from?

Our staff has created some original content as well as curated other content that has been created by other really smart people. We want everyone to know Jesus and know the Bible. Those are the lenses that we are viewing things through so in each track there will be Bible and there will also be other voices teaching and challenge us in how to live out our faith. Each track has a different focus and we have chosen materials that we believe speak to the way that we want to see God transform us as a community. Will you enjoy every single thing that every author we put in front of you has to say? We hope so, but maybe not and that’s ok! It’s important to listen to a variety of voices including those in your cohort so we can process together what it looks like for us to follow Jesus.


How much work can I expect?

Each track has a different rhythm to it, but in general you can expect about 1-2 hours of homework a week. We have been very intentional about creating learning experiences that are really engaging and require you to put in effort to process and participate in the process, but our hope is that it will be an enjoyable part of your week and not something that you check off a list!


Do I have to commit to the whole thing?

Yes! These tracks are designed so that you move through them with the same cohort for the entire 6 months. 


Is this like a small group kind of thing?

Its like if school and a small group had a baby… there will be a lot of learning of course, but you will also get pretty close with the folks in your cohort as you move through the track together.


Why does it cost money?

Every track has a lot of materials and resources that come with it so your cost helps to cover some of that! Another bonus to paying is that you have a little more skin in the game, there is a level of commitment that comes along with paying to be a part of something! That being said, we never want money to be a barrier for anyone so we do have scholarships available. If that would be helpful for you or if you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund then just let us know!


Is  there a specific order? Which track should I take?

That depends. If you are brand new to faith then we would suggest starting with Exploring and then moving to Building, Aligning, and Multiplying. However, there is no required order and certainly no track is “more advanced” than any other. Check out the descriptions of each and see if there is one that stands out as a good starting point for you, BUT ALSO, we would LOVE to talk with you and help you figure out what the best fit will be! 


This sounds intense, I just wanna make friends!

Maybe joining a community group is your best next step, BUT we would love to talk to you either way and answer any questions or concerns you have!