It’s the 2021 No-Lympics!

What is the “No-lympics”? So glad you asked!
Basically it’s the Olympics, but our version (so much more fun).
Think team competitions, medal ceremonies, lots of funny memory making, etc…

Why is it called the “No-lympics”? Even better question.
Apparently the word Olympics is trademarked and we could get sued if we call an event “the Olympics” (I know, we were shocked too when we found out), thus… in 2016 the Hill City No-lympics was born, and this year we’re back for Round 2!


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Hill City Summer Events are here! We’re spending this summer hanging with events hosted by our community groups where ANYONE is invited! We have fun activities and things to do all summer to make friends and just be together. Events will continue to be added throughout the summer. All you have to do is register and show up!

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