Deandra Clarke

Favorite Books:

“Do You” by Russel Simmons

Favorite Movie:

(pass??  Idk! lol)

Last Meal on Earth:

Salmon Florentine, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans.  A slice of French Vanilla cheesecake for dessert.  And an ice cold Pepsi.

Disney Spirit Character

Daisy Duck

A Little More About Deandra:
Deandra graduated from VCU with a degree in radio broadcasting.  After 6 incredible years as an On-Air Personality with WBTJ 106.5 The BEAT she decided to pursue her other passion of dance.  She is currently a dance instructor at Jadore Dance, Village Dance, the Head Coach of the Midlothian High School Cheerleading team and Head Coach of the Midlothian High School Dance Team.  In addition to that, she is also the owner of Studio 4 Dance Agency; a boutique talent agency representing dancers and choreographers within the RVA area.

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Deandra’s dad gets mistaken for Morgan Freeman a LOT.

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