John and Lacy

Lead Pastors

Favorite Book:

J: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
L: Mark of the Lion trilogy

Favorite Movie:

J: Good Will Hunting
L: Swing Kids

Last meal on earth:

J: My mom’s ravioli, filet from Charley’s Steakhouse, strawberry cobbler from Shyndigz, a chocolate shake (made with vanilla ice cream of course) and Lacy’s chocolate chip cookies. Last meal, have to go big and yes, 3 desserts and no veggies.
L: Crab legs, chips and salsa, and a platter of every kind of cheese that exists, plus a side of pizza

Disney Spirit Character:

J: Robinhood
L: Bert, from Mary Poppins

Song that gets you on the dance floor:

J: Any song that Lacy says “Come dance with me” or if its 90’s hip hop and I can rap it as well

L: If I have to have just ONE answer it would be “I wanna dance with somebody” but actually any song will do… I LOVE TO DANCE

Favorite quote:

J: “Direction, not intention determines your destination.” – The Godfather otherwise known as Andy Stanley

L: “Its impossible not to love someone once you’ve heard their story” – Mr. Rogers

Favorite thing about your job:

J: Watching people take steps in their faith and making a difference in the community around them, getting to do this with Lacy and how fun it is to work with our staff

L: I really do love it all…I love creating and brainstorming and encouraging people to experience what an all in life with Jesus looks like… I love creating experiences for people to feel safe, welcome, and seen. But also it’s the people we get to work with. I may have a million other answers at the end of the day though.

A little more about John:

John and Lacy have been married since June of 2001 and in 2008 were blessed with twins, Max & Neveah. Yes, Max is short for Maximus, and yes, it is from a love of the movie Gladiator. Where is Neveah from? Honestly, they were watching the MTV show cribs in the mid 2000’s and loved the sound of it. On the twin’s birthday in 2017 they welcomed little Ruby into the family! That’s right- 3 kids and one birthday. John came to the University of Richmond to play baseball and graduated in 1998. He’s an avid fan of the Red Sox, Celtics, and Bears and believes that God is powerful enough to save Yankee fans as well (even if it is reluctantly so). You won’t find too many people with a bigger sweet tooth and his Italian palette is spoiled due to his 100% Italian mother.

To hear more about John, read his story here.

A little more about Lacy:

Lacy grew up in Richmond, is a former Freeman Rebel, and graduated from VCU in 2003 with a degree in Art Education. She loves all things crafty, hanging out with friends, and is always prepared to participate in a spontaneous dance party. Her favorite quote is by Mr. Rodgers, “It is impossible not to love someone once you have heard their story.” Lacy and John have been in ministry together since 2002 and consider it the greatest honor to help connect people to the life giving message of Jesus.

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