Maddy Phan

Connections Director


Harry Potter Series


I’d rather watch The Office


1st course: pancakes. 2nd course: a cheeseburger and a slice of pizza. 3rd course: a middle-of-the-pan fudge brownie, strawberry cupcake from Pearl’s, and a mint chocolate chip milkshake.


Thumper, from Bambi

Song that gets you on the dance floor:
Anything Justin Bieber…my husband once dyed his hair to match Justin’s so I’m maritally bound as a Belieber forever (and what an honor that is)
Favorite quote:

Anything that Andy Dwyer says on Parks and Rec

Favorite part of your job:

Hanging out with anyone new at Hill City and folks who serve on our team – I love connecting with our people. Past that, being a part of anything that makes church fun gives me so much energy. We have all the reasons to celebrate, so embracing that is one of my favorite parts of my job.

A little more about Maddy:

Maddy is passionate about all things relational, innovative, and fun, and loves sharing the possibilities of a life with Jesus with others. She moved to Richmond to attend VCU’s art school in 2010, after growing up in Radford, VA, and graduated in 2014 with a degree in fashion design. After being a part of a campus ministry for 4 years, she became passionate about connecting others to community and new friendships. Maddy enjoys adventuring and restaurant hopping throughout the city, Netflix marathons, and highly competitive game nights with her friends and her husband, Johnny.

To learn more about Maddy, read her story here.

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