MaryAnn Copetillo

Pre-School Coordinator

Favorite Book:

The Way of the Heart, Mark of the Lion series, Same Kind of Different as Me, any Jane Austen

Favorite Movie:

August Rush

Last Meal on Earth:

My husband Jacob’s fajita lentil tacos and guac.  Blackberry cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

Song that gets you on the dance floor:

Oh, it doesn’t take much

Favorite quote:

“All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.”  Donald Miller

Favorite part of your job:

Looking at the world through the eyes of a preschooler!

Disney Spirit Character:

The wind in Pocahontas

A Little More About MaryAnn:

MaryAnn has been in Richmond for 10 years and has three kids and a dog, a big garden, and a huge front window to watch birds and trees.  She loves being outdoors and going on walks, hikes, working in the yard, playing sports, etc. She’s happiest when she’s active.  Her kids and her love to read and draw together, and she’s recently learned Pokemon to try and keep up with their interests! She LOVES asking kids questions and hearing how they perceive the world. She thinks it’s exciting to be a part of the Hill City community and have the opportunity to put all of her (seemingly random) interests and skills together to care for the families of our littlest Hill City Kids and teach about the amazing love of God!

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