The Guest Services Team…

serves to welcome our guests and create a warm atmosphere. They aim to remove any obstacles on a Sunday that keeps someone from enjoying our service or experiencing Jesus. Their motto? “Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday.”

Time Commitment:
Serve for 1 service, every other week. That’s about a 2 hour commitment on the day that you serve.

The Kids Team…

serves to engage kids with God’s word, partner with parents, create a fun and safe place to learn, & develop relationships with children and families. This team is all about equipping the next generation to be The Church. 

Time Commitment

Serve on Sundays during 1 service, but there are a variety of different commitment levels… from once a month to every week.

*Background Check and Application required.

The Setup / Teardown Team (Hospitality)…

serves to set up a warm and welcoming space for our guests.  They aim to set up proper signage, seating, electronics and aids throughout the building to ensure that guests feel at home and have everything they need before and during service.  They then create a smooth transition of the space at the end of each Sunday, returning the building to its original state.

Time Commitment:
45 minutes each service, and most people only serve before or after the service that they attend.

The Worship Team…

serves to create an atmosphere for a free worship experience that connects with people and with God through song. We are made up of singers and instrumentalists who have a passion for worship.

Time Commitment:
1-3 Sundays a month as needed. When you are scheduled to volunteer, you will need to attend rehearsal on the Thursday evening before your scheduled Sunday.

The Security Team…

serves to make our space a secure place where people can feel safe to worship freely.

Time Commitment

Serve every other Sunday, for 1 service.

*Although we encourage experience in law enforcement, security, military, and medical experience, we also train members without these skill sets. Background check required.

The Production Team…

ensures services run smoothly on Sundays and allows for people to explore their faith, distraction free. There are several roles on this team including: sound, lighting, graphics, video switcher, and steam manager. All of which we will train you on before you volunteer!

Time Commitment:

The time commitment is twice a month. When you are scheduled to volunteer, you will need to attend rehearsal on the Thursday evening before your scheduled Sunday. This ensures that everything runs smoothly come Sunday morning.
No experience is necessary, but always welcomed!” 

Wanna join one of our teams?

Email Maddy at maddy@hillcityrva.com