In the book of John, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Grace is simple. The Gospel is simple. Navigating life as Christians sometimes is not; we all need help on our journeys. That’s why we’ve created this discipleship development program.

This is a program of four tracks designed to help you navigate the way forward into biblical knowledge, spiritual and emotional health, and leadership. We want to help you build resilience in your faith, live in an understanding of cultural context and not in avoidance of it, learn kingdom building, and have ultimate joy no matter what comes.

We want you to discover how to be all of who God created you to be and live in the fullness of how He created you to live. We’re here to provide some tools to help you do just that.

What to Expect:

  • You’re signing up for one out of three tracks that last for 6 months from March to August with a few breaks in between
  • Your class time will be an hour and a half long occurring once a week
  • You’ll attend two 8 week modules in person and one 6 week online module
  • You’ll interact with your class through classroom style learning, book reading, discussion, other resources and online tools
  • You’ll have fun learning with others in our Hill City community as we continue to strive to be resilient followers of Jesus




For the questioners, new to faith, or just curious.

For the longtime Christian who wants to revisit the foundations of their faith and learn something new. For the ones who want to be able to better answer questions from those around them at work, school, or in their personal lives. For the ones who have always been “spiritual” but hesitant towards the church. This track is designed to help you answer big questions about God, the Bible, the church, why any of this matters and why you should care about it.



For the ones who believe in Jesus but want to keep going.

For the ones who want to articulate what they believe and why. For the ones want to be able to share the gospel confidently, who have had faith growing up but felt like it never matured. The ones who want a solid foundation in order to move forward and make their faith their own.


For the ones who want to align their internal & external lives.

For the ones who THINK they’re self-aware. The ones who want to align their internal core beliefs and convictions with their lifestyle and actions. Who want to have healthier relationships that better reflect Jesus. Who desire more emotional health in order to better feed their spiritual lives. If you know what you believe and why but you want to take some steps forward to align your internal and external life, this track is for you.

**Must take this track to do Multiplying

Coming in September


For the ones who want to move from consuming
to contributing…

…who want to concentrate on the bigger story outside of personal growth, who want to learn to be leaders, move the mission of the Church forward and make disciples: this one’s for you.