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Simply put, discipleship is the process of following Jesus and organizing our lives around Him. Being a disciple of Jesus goes way beyond Sunday gatherings and involves engaging every part of our lives so that we can know Him, experience life with Him, and can fully love the people and community around us. 

Whether this is brand new to you, you’re just curious or have been following Jesus for decades, we all have a next step to take. And if we truly want to become more like Jesus, then we have to decide to do it on purpose. 

Through the tracks (you can read about them below) we will work together to create space and disciplines within a community of people in order to experience the fullness He offers in every area of our lives!

Lastly, in John 10:10, Jesus says that he has come so that we might have life and have it to the full. And this is what we hope that you experience and why discipleship matters… a life with Jesus is the most full, rich and meaningful experience on Earth!


  • The Fall 2021 semester runs from the week of September 13th to the week February 14th
  • Each track will consist of 3 separate classes (we call them sessions) with 3 individual week breaks within the semester.
  • You will be in a group of 6-8 other people and a coach to go through the material for the full 6-months (you may just meet some of your new best friends at Hill City)
  • Your weekly calls will be an hour to an hour and a half on Zoom through with your cohort group (that 6-8 other people and coach!)
  • One to two hours of weekly preparation – includes a varying combination of reading, videos, journaling, and actionable activities. Time commitment depends on the track, the weekly material, and the effort you put forth.
  • Optional, in-person meet-ups, throughout the semester, to get to know your group even better!
  • You’ll interact with your cohort through online classroom style learning, book reading, discussion, other resources and online tools with a weekly homework assignment (30 minute extra commitment) 
  • It will be a fun experience learning with others in our Hill City community as we continue to strive to be resilient followers of Jesus!


The following four tracks are designed to help you navigate the Bible, spiritual and emotional health, and leadership. We want to help build resilience in your faith, live in an understanding of cultural context and not in avoidance of it, learn what kingdom building really is, and have ultimate joy no matter what comes.

Check out the 4 listed below and see which might be the best next step for you!


Explore God, the Bible and the church experience in a safe community environment.

This track is for those of us that are brand new to faith or for the longtime Christian who wants to revisit your foundations and learn something new. It’s for those of us that want to be able to better answer big questions when it comes to faith. For those of us that have always been “spiritual”, but hesitant towards the church. Exploring is designed to help you answer big questions about God, the Bible, the church. As well as talking through why any of this matters and why we should care about it.

You will go through book and video studies that help you explore and share your faith story and understanding of church. You will investigate who Jesus is and what it means to say Yes to a life with Jesus and approach the Bible with open conversations around why context is important, the larger story arch of the Bible, and key characters in the Old and New Testament

The Classes
Session 1: Starting Point
Session 2: Bible 101
Session 3: Jesus 101

What people have said:  “This track really helped me grow my faith and build the foundations that I needed, and it gave me a community where we could watch each other all grow together.”



Build upon my connection with Jesus, strengthen my faith and lead a spirit-filled life.

This track is for those of us that want to articulate what you believe and why. For those of us that want to be able to share the Gospel confidently. It’s for those of us who want to be able to connect with the Bible more deeply. For those who have had faith growing up but feel like it never matured and desire to become the person they were designed to be. And it’s for those of us that want a solid foundation in order to move forward and make your faith your own.

You will go through book and video studies that explore the purpose of different styles of literature in the Bible, practice articulating the Gospel, learn to write a devotional, continue to develop your relationship with God.

The Classes
Session 1: Reunion
Session 2: Bible 201
Session 3: Forgotten God

What people have said: “I’ve been doing Bible studies for years now, but I’ve never had a bible study that specifically broke down how to read the Bible. That changed my life.” 



Align my inner and outer life and relationships through prayer.

This track is for those of us that THINK you’re self-aware. It’s for those of us that want to align our internal core beliefs and convictions with our lifestyle and actions. For those who want to have healthier relationships that better reflect Jesus. For those who desire more emotional health in order to better feed their spiritual lives. And for those of us that know what we believe and why but want to take some steps forward to align our internal and external life.

You will go through several book and video studies that will help you create a prayer routine, evaluate your emotional and spiritual health, create a plan that invites God to align your inner and outer life and cultivate empathy with the enneagram personality tool.

The Classes
Session 1: Prayer & Empathy
Session 2: Self-Clarity
Session 3: Skills for Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

What people have said: “I couldn’t say enough about this track. I felt stuck for so long and to be able to have these deeper conversations was so impactful for my life, to be able to express the voice in my head that I’ve had for so long but didn’t have the outlet to talk about those things.”



Multiply the Kingdom of God throughout our church, neighborhoods and workplaces.

For those of us that are rooted in our faith and want practice living a surprising and intentional life. For those of us that want to stop compartmentalizing our faith and develop missional values to guide our lives. For those of us that want to become leaders within our church, in our neighborhoods and our workplaces. This track is designed to cultivate the habits and skills needed to multiply the The Kingdom of God throughout our community.

You will go through several book studies that will work to identify what God has called us to do and strengthen our missional values through habit development. You will practice authentically and intentionally living out missional values, cultivating leadership skills and habits based on Jesus’s character

The Classes
Session 1: Surprise the World
Session 2: Lead Like Jesus
Session 3: Redeeming Work


Can’t figure out which track is your best fit right now? We’re here for you!
kelly@hillcityrva.com for more direction.